Adventure 1: The Adventure Begins!

On Friday, April 26th, I D.M.ed my first adventure! First, my brother, Mathias, and my friend, Thomas, created their characters. My brother is a Half-Creeper Archer and my friend is a Human Fire Wizard. First, everyone was celebrating the Kia-yak festival. Than our heroes saw a strange man staring at them. They went over to the man to see what he wanted. He said to find a light green tent and get the chest from inside. When they got there, they had to roll a 10 or higher to pick it up. Both of them had a +3 weight save. My brother rolled a 8, total 11. Thomas rolled a 17, total 20. When they brought the chest back to the man, he thanked them and disappeared. Then the guards came and arrested them! When they woke in jail, Thomas tried to melt the iron bar windows. Instead, he mutated his bed, and mutated Mathias’ water barrel. Then Mathias had a genius plan; Smash the Mutants into the bars to break free. They had rolled a high enough number and broke free. However, when they got out, they saw the town was being ambushed! They fought the Orcs strongly. First, Thomas created  fire wall in front of the Orcs. Then Mathias shot an arrow at the Urotinor. When it hit the wall, it gave extra damage.  Thomas finished him off by fire balling him. The Orcs retreated. The Nomazpotipa was behind the Orcs and flew away when the Urotinor was slain. TO BE CONTINUED!!!!


The Adventure Starts!

Hello, everybody! You may have viewed the pages for information,  but throughout my posts, I will be telling you about adventures and such! Hope you enjoy!